TeleVev® woven polyester geotextiles are for soil reinforcement and separation.
Our geotextiles are made of high tenacity multifilament polyester yarn.

Tele Textiles offers a wide range of TeleVev® with high strength at low elongation.

Thanks to polyester properties, TeleVev® offers excellent characteristics regarding resistance to creep, mechanical damage, UV-light and chemical and biological degradation. TeleVev® has good friction properties for all types of common fill materials.

TeleVev® is especially suitable for use under extremely high loads and coarse material (rock materials in-fills and embankments). It offers a great advantage where both high strength reinforcement and separation are needed.

TeleVev® is used for soil reinforcement world wide and are present in a wide range of applications:

  • Reinforced soil wall,
  • Steep embankment slopes,
  • Retaining walls,
  • Railways and subsoil reinforcement of airports.