The main applications of TeleEnviro® are:

  • silt curtains in dredging projects
  • control of polluted sediments
  • reclaiming of land over soft seabed
  • developing of recreation areas by controlling turbidity in lakes

TeleEnviro® is constructed of high strength polyester and woven in such a way that gives the filtration proper­ties needed for environmental purposes. The textile is highly flexible and very easy to install, to cut or sew.

TeleEnviro® has strong selvages and can be easily manufactured ac­cording to a customer’s needs. The strong selvages mean TeleEnviro® can be stitched together “side by side” so there is no limit for its use and range of applications.

TeleEnviro® has excellent characteristics with reference to creep, mechanical damage and durability.

The standard range currently comprises of four different tensile strengths: TE 70/70, TE 100/100, TE 150/150 and TE 200/200

Type Tensile strength MD-kN/m Tensile strength CD-kN/m Basis weight g/m2
TeleEnviro® 70/70 70 70 230
TeleEnviro® 100/100 100 100 310
TeleEnviro® 150/150 150 150 475
TeleEnviro® 200/200 200 200 620

Standard roll dimensions are 5.30m (width) x 100m (length).

Other dimensions or strengths on request.